Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Chris Brown Twitter attack "verbal rape"

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: Chris Brown Twitter attack "verbal rape"
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The View co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck is taking a dim view on singer Chris Brown's recent public meltdown, calling his string of tweets aimed at comedienne Jenny Johnson "verbal rape."

Brown made headlines over Thanksgiving weekend when he suddenly deleted his Twitter account after he and heretofore unknown Johnson flung a series of filthy tweets at one another in a Twitter spat Sunday. The two got into it after Johnson responded to a tweet about Brown feeling old by calling him a "worthless piece of s---."


Although both Brown and Johnson engaged in vulgar language and insults, Brown was on the receiving end of most of the criticism that followed. The singer has a history of throwing tantrums and quitting Twitter, and notoriety earned when he smacked around then- (and possibly now-) girlfriend Rihanna.

In an exchange with her View co-hosts, Hasselbeck said Brown's tweets crossed a line.

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“I think it’s disgusting, first of all," she said during an exchange on Monday's episode of The View. "But also, it seems like verbal rape to me."

"What he wrote should never ever have to go across any sort of Twitter feed… It was vile.”


Fellow co-host Whoopi Goldberg disagreed, that as foul as Brown's tweets were, Johnson deserved some of the blame.

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""I have to say, if you're gonna mess with him [Brown]," Goldberg said, "you have to expect to get your head handed to you. Now, I sort of feel like...if you feel like that and you don't wanna fight, don't do that, don't do that.

"And I disagree with verbal rape, I don't think that's verbal rape. I just think both was assault. Both were verbally assaulting each other, and that is what we need to get rid of on Twitter because it happens too often and too much to too many people."

Watch the entire exchange:

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