WATCH: Biden's 1993 "Carmen Sandiego" cameo


Before he was vice president, Joseph R. Biden, Jr was the senator from Delaware.

And before "Parks and Recreation," the Veep paid a visit to "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego."


Thanks to Sioux Falls, South Dakota political reporter David Montgomery, we now can revisit this gem of a clip from this gem of a show.

Nineteen years ago this week, Biden made a short cameo appearance on the popular PBS game show aimed at teaching world geography to a geopolitically ignorant American audience

In a split-screen phone call with show host and "ACME Special Agent" Greg Lee, Sen. Biden announces he's proposed a congressional resolution to name Lee the best detective of the year.

But even in 1993, Congress specialized in obstructionism, amending and taking the teeth out of even the most innocuous of bills.

"Some people were more comfortable with Best Detective of the Month," Biden continues, "and a few preferred Best Detective of the Work Week."

"Then someone even suggested "best" is an awfully strong word, so we decided to name you the Somewhat Notable Detective of the Next Twelve Minutes. Congratulations, Greg."


Good to know nothing ever changes.

Biden shows up right at 8:00:

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