Your guide to Election Day drinking games

Posted By KATE STANTON,  |  Nov. 6, 2012 at 11:56 AM
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Every four years Americans head to the polls to take part in our nation's greatest past time -- democracy. But after during endless rounds campaign ads, insufferable talking heads and long lines at polling stations, we finally get to participate in our second greatest past time -- drinking. So grab as many brewskies as you can and celebrate your right to vote (and drink as much as you want afterward) with the following suggested drinking games:

The bright-eyed 20-somethings of Thought Catalog have compiled a drinking game with a heavy focus on young people things, like Facebook. For example, "Take three sips every time you highly consider de-friending an IRL friend just to no longer have to listen to their constant, ill-informed political monologues."

The folks at Hypervocal have a drinking game that includes charts and math -- not necessarily a good combination if you're trying to get your drink on -- but it works for the more analytically minded. It awards drinks, shots and shotguns for correctly guessing which states go red or blue.

The consummate party professionals over at BroBible award one sip for any mention of "provisional ballots," one gulp for "Ohio Secretary of State" and a caffeine free Pepsi for Romney supporters if their wins. Honorable mention: Take a shot "If Meatloaf's endorsement of Mitt Romney is mentioned."

If you're a fan of The Frisky, drink when "You have impure thoughts about Rachel Maddow" or if "Romney thanks Rafalca in his acceptance/concession speech.", the friendly tipplers of all three presidential debates, have also got you covered for November 6. Follow Debatedrinking online and on Twitter as they switch to a different news network every hour. Drink every time CNN, Fox News, MSNBC or C-SPAN says "Ohio," "Sandy" or "Photo ID." Be careful with "Ohio," or you'll be on the floor before polls close.

Boozin' election night watchers who need advice from the collective conscious might want to check out the "drinking games" tag on Tumblr, where you'll a myriad of Election Day drinking advice (and alcoholic games for every occasion).

Here's a drinking game graphic from the Tumblr feed of the Houston Press. Take gulps for the words "Obamacare" or "Romnesia," and our personal favorite -- finish your drink for "images of crying supporters."

Social media users are also throwing their own drinking game ideas into the Twittersphere. Here's a few game ideas in 140 characters or less.

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