Probably the best election ad you'll see all year

Probably the best election ad you'll see all year

The campaigns have been riffing on this idea for a while now.

"Don't boo. Vote!" has become a popular applause line in President Obama's stump speeches in recent weeks.


With just five days left before the polls close on the 2012 election, one particularly effective (and plenty irreverent) advertisement has been making the rounds online, and it's likely to be far more effective than the scare tactics and silliness the campaigns deploy to turn out their supporters.

Third Street advertising knows Americans have many great traditions of democracy, and the greatest among them is complaining. So they created the Real Complainers Vote campaign to get people to, well, put up or shut up.

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We're "one nation of complainers, founded by malcontents, indivisible, with bitching and bellyaching for all."

Divided as we are over religious beliefs, economic principles, and how to interpret everything from the Constitution to the latest Batman movie, the revised refrain seems more appropriate these days than the more traditional, "one nation under God, indivisible" refrain.

"Instead of creating another overly sincere, proud-of-itself voting campaign about making a difference, getting your voice heard—good thoughts, but an old, too well-trod approach—we thought if we sold voting by selling complaining, that might be an eye-catching, attention-getting tactic," said David T. Jones, of Third Street, in an email to the Atlantic.

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Check out the GOTV posters in the slideshow above.

It's a catchier slogan, with a far slicker design than say--either of the presidential campaigns' dueling "537" votes, both of which are a nod to the razor thin margin in the 2000 election's Florida tally.

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Then again, GOP candidate for Congress in Massachusetts, Richard Tisei, put out this ad, recognizing that we really could all use a break.

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