Movember: A guide to celebrating your 'stache, and supporting men's health

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Movember, a global charity that encourages men to grow mustaches ("hairy ribbons") in support of men's health awareness, is back for its ninth year. Here's how you can participate in the upper lip foliage festivities this month, and raise money for charity while you're at it.

Familiarize yourself with Movember's rules, which advise you to "grow and groom" your mo for the entire month and conduct yourself "like a true gentleman."


Expand your Mo Bro and Mo Sista universe with Movember Mobile, an app lets you document the growth of your mustache and network with fellow Movember mo growers. According to Mashable, Movember Mobile allows you to create a neat time-lapse GIF of your mustache once you've finished growing it. How could any respectable mo grower resist a 'stache GIF?

Watch celebrity 'stache sporter and champion woodworker, Nick Offerman, guide you through the process of growing an incomparable hairy lip caterpillar. Some of his tips for mo novices: Smell wood, eat a raw onion and learn to love again.

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To support research for testicular and prostate cancers, donate to Movember's suggested men's health partners or your favorite Movember fundraisers (they sign up as individual teams) via their Mo Space pages.


Get creative with your mustache shape by consulting the American Mustache Institute's guide to 'stache style. Choose from The Chevron, The Dali, The Fu Manchu and our personal favorite, The Walrus (Go big or go home, we say). For inspiration from mustachioed luminaries like Wyatt Earp or Tom Selleck, discover "The Manliest Mustaches of All Time," courtesy of The Art of Manliness.

Dance to this musical ode to the mustache-growing journey, with a little help from Carly Rae Jepsen.

Recite Rudyard Kipling, sort of.

[For more information on how you can help support men's health research and awareness, visit]

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