Donald Trump would like your attention, please

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,   |   Nov. 1, 2012 at 5:08 PM
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This is a very sad day for the United States of America, at least if you ask billionaire mogul and increasingly sidelined birther Donald Trump.

After a blockbuster announcement that was really just a bust, Trump has expressed his disappointment in a new video that President Obama chose to ignore a request, bordering on extortion, to release personal school and travel documents in exchange for a $5 million donation to the charity of the president's choice.

On his Facebook page, Trump doesn't mince words:

For President Obama not to accept $5 million (or much more) for his favorite charity can only mean one thing — the records are very bad. Obviously he wasn’t born in this country, or, if he was, he said he wasn’t in order to receive financial aid and in order to have a clear and very easy path into a college or university. Only a very stupid person would believe otherwise. There can be no other reason that so much money would not be so easily and routinely collected for charity.

In a similar video last week, Trump offered Obama his deal, a swap of college applications, school transcript and passport records, for the donation. Ahead of the announcement, Trump promised that the announcement could change the shape of the presidential race.

Not a few people suggested Trump donate the $5 million anyway, particularly after the true damage of Hurricane Sandy became apparent.

Obama's only response was to share a laugh with late-night host Jay Leno, in a visit to The Tonight Show last week.

"This all dates back to when we were growing up together in Kenya..." Obama joked.

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