Super mayor Cory Booker takes on Superstorm Sandy, one crisis at a time

Posted By GABRIELLE LEVY,  |  Oct. 30, 2012 at 12:18 PM
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Superstorm Sandy smashed the Middle Atlantic states Monday, whipping hurricane-force winds and burying streets and homes under a deluge of flood waters. Coastal cities in New Jersey, where the storm made landfall,were among the hardest hit areas.

In Newark, Mayor Cory Booker has a habit of taking on tasks most politicians would delegate far down the chain of command. In April, Booker rushed into a burning building to rescue a woman from the smoke and flames, despite the protestations of his security detail. In June, he helped a pedestrian who was injured when he ran out into traffic.

Booker's reputation for heroics first surfaced during the "#snowpocalypse" of December 2010, when he used Twitter to locate snowed-in residents, digging out cars, checking on loved ones, and reassuring Newarkers that help would be coming soon.

The mayor was--excuse the bad pun--tweeting up a storm as Sandy ravaged Newark Monday and Tuesday, driving around the city to check on residents, issuing repeated warning to stay inside and away from power lines, and reporting downed trees and damage to emergency crews when people were unable to get through on their own.

In response to @uniquenj1, reporting a sparking tranformer and downed trees: "Sending people to investigate. Stay in and stay safe."

And to @VondaPTatted_: "Ok. Stay put. DM me your address I will report it"

To @_Thx4Playin, who could not get in touch with an aunt whose house had been hit by a tree: "I stopped by & had a good talk with them. They're secure 4 night."

As events unfolded, it was clear people appreciated the mayor's deep response.

Below, read some of Mayor Booker's tweets as he traveled around Newark, delivering aid and hope to besieged residents.

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