Paul Ryan flexes his P90X muscles in Time photo shoot


Do you think this is how he'll prepare for the vice presidential debate Thursday night?

We've already seen Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan shirtless, but thanks to a year-old photo shoot with Time magazine, we get to see the fitness-conscious politician flex his hard-earned muscles.


Taken for last year's Person of the Year issue, the photos feature Ryan sporting a backwards baseball cap and workout clothes, lifting the weights he likes to use as part of his famously strenuous workout regimen.

“I think Paul Ryan’s been very good for P90X, as much or more so as Michelle Obama,” P90X creator Tony Horton told Time.

Much has been made of the GOP representative's commitment to physical fitness and outdoor sports. The Wisconsin native, who goes by the Secret Service code name of "Bowhunter," loves archery, fishing and mountain-climbing. The Los Angeles Times has claimed that Ryan maintains 6 to 9 percent body fat.

Photos courtesy Gregg Segal for Time.

Head over to Time for the full slideshow.

UPDATE: Cue the inevitable internet memes. Web users have taken Ryan's right to bear arms to new heights, photoshopping his workout session onto "Saved by the Bell" cast photos and more.


(Image via Arthur Delaney/Twitter)

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