Bad lip reading the debates

Good times. UPI/Michael Reynolds/Pool
Good times. UPI/Michael Reynolds/Pool | License Photo

Before we leave behind the first presidential debate for the vice presidential showdown Thursday night, let's take one final look back at last week's debate.

While the real thing was something of a snooze-fest (minus a few sharp exchanges between the candidates and one memorable Big Bird moment), the overdubbed version is something to behold.


It features such gems as:

OBAMA: In horrible weather, I sneeze and I just lose the puppets. And I'm thinking Governor Romney won't do that, OK? And this has got me thinking: I see a purple idiot who speaks German with a big, spunky Irish labradoodle puppy.

LEHRER: Oh, he got me! And I want you to feel bad 'cause I've got funny radiation coming up on my desk and it's too much--

ROMNEY: Oh, come on! I'm not a robot, OK? I wish! Then I could go higher and you could rotate my arm and send me whooshing into space. Can you hear me?

LEHRER: Let's hush, because the sofa bears don't know. Go right off, and I'll defeat 17 bears while you're gone. But first I want you two to turn and look at each other.


There's also singing, hence the title, "Eye of the Sparrow."

Go on, watch. You won't regret it.

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