Your guide to presidential debate drinking games

Posted By KATE STANTON,  |  Updated Oct. 22, 2012 at 12:57 AM
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Whether it's on television, online, in a bar or in the comfort of your own home, there's plenty of ways to experience this year's presidential debates. If you're planning on combining booze and politics, here's a roundup of presidential debate drinking games to guide you.

"Drink an entire handle if Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tenderly embrace/kiss/call off the election," College Humor's drinking game suggests. 

HuffPost's Gay Voices came up with a drinking game for proponents of same-sex marriage and left-leaning viewers. Two gulps if a candidate says "equality," one drink if a candidate says "Arizona" and chug if you hear the term "47 percent."

Romney fans can check out ConservativeIntel's game -- Drink if Romney mentions his 12-million jobs plan or if Obama says "millionaires" or "billionaires."

Check out the non-partisan Twitter feed @DebateDrinking, which will be keeping tabs on its political drinking game via live interactive scoreboard on UStream. Oh, the internet.

Endorsed by Neatorama, Ranker's game suggests small sips for any "awkward Mitt moments," drinks for anytime "Obama tries to sound cool" or when a candidate answers in a manner that makes sense.

Don't forget the news and social media. Philadelphia Magazine's game has you taking a shot every time Wolf Blitzer points to snazzy CNN technology and each time someone on Twitter "complains about all the people tweeting about the debate."

Surely the experts here, the people of BroBible (game NSFW) want you to take two swigs of your drink when Obama mentions General Motors and when Romney brings up the debt crisis. They also encourage a "rowdy" rendition of the U-S-A chant when either candidate brings up veterans.

UPDATE: PolicyMic's official drinking game suggests you imbibe by the second. Drink for two seconds if either candidate mentions "class warfare" or "fair share." Drink for three seconds if they bring up "Reagan," "my opponent" or "Obamacare." If "Romney tries to make a wager," 10 seconds. (Thanks for the tip, PolicyMic's Stephen Robert Morse -- via Twitter @morsels.)

If your following NerdWallet's drinking game, you'll get a shot if either Obama or Romney brings up "binders full of women" again. Please debate gods, please let this happen.

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