There's a Super PAC for that: Hall and Oates fans create anti-Romney Super PAC

Posted By KATE STANTON,   |   Aug. 23, 2012 at 5:02 PM
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Atlanta residents Williams Hansmann and Anthony Schuch, both fans of soft rock super duo Hall and Oates (Because of THIS, obviously), have created a Super PAC to raise money for anti-Romney parody videos--which you'll be able to catch on YouTube in the coming months.

So why Hall and Oates?

"Who isn't a Hall and Oates fan in America?" Hansmann explained to the Philadelphia Enquirer.

"All those other Super PACs have those ridiculously ambiguous names that any American would stand for if they didn't know what those PACs stand for," he added.

Hansmann explained his political motivations in an interview with The Atlantic:

"I find it really unfortunate that Republicans tend to play such hardball and with very little response form the Democratic side. Why with the exception of a couple comics out there are people not going after some of these guys?"

As a registered Super PAC, Hall and Oates Fans For America can now receive an unlimited amount of money to make their parody videos.

Hansmann says the group might begin the parody process with "Out of Touch" and "Rich Girl."

No word yet on how Daryl Hall and John Oates feel about this.

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