The best of Steve Kardynal, 'Call Me Maybe' Chatroulette dancer


Just when we all thought we'd seen the last of the ubiquitous "Call Me Maybe" parody videos that took over the Internet this summer--with everyone from Cookie Monster to Colin Powell singing along--YouTuber Steve Kardynal may have made the tribute video to top them all.

Wearing a bikini and a dark wig, Kardynal filmed himself lip-syncing and dancing to the song on video chat Web site Chatroulette, side-by-side with the various reactions of the other users watching him. The video went viral Friday, thanks to the alternatively horrified and jovial facial expressions of his Chatroulette chat partners.


"Call Me Maybe" isn't Kardynal's first foray into the realm of ridiculous video making. He's also responsible for a series of popular Web videos based on hit pop songs.

"Aladdin" in real life

"Sexy and I know it"

Lady Gaga on the subway

Katy Perry's "Firework" at the Apple store

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