How you can help Colorado shooting victims

How you can help Colorado shooting victims
Jonathan Blunk (with girlfriend Jansen Young).

It's not unusual to feel helpless in the face of a terrible event such as the mass shootings that occurred in a movie theater shortly after midnight Friday in Aurora, Colo.

We've pulled together a list of recommended (by the Denver Post and others) charitable organizations to whom you can give in honor of the victims and to aid in the healing.


1. Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper suggested giving through, to the Aurora Mental Health Center, Mental Health America of Colorado, Metro Crisis Services and Colorado Organization for Victim Assistance.

Donations through Giving First will be matched by additional money gathered by Hickenlooper.

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2. Project Linus is collecting blankets, supplies and donations to distribute blankets to children and teens affected by the shooting.

3. In the aftermath of the shooting, the Bonfils Blood Center depleted its blood bank supply, and is particularly looking for donations of O-negative and A-negative blood. Elsewhere, find a blood donation center near you.

4. Mile High United Way worked to connect families in search of information on loved ones to hospitals in the wake of the shooting.

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5. The Colorado Red Cross is providing mental health counseling to support people affected by the shooting.

6. The Denver Center for Crime Victims is providing bilingual aid and counseling to victims and families.

7. The Huffington Post is gathering charitable donations for the New Venture Fund, which will distribute donations to organizations aiding in Aurora's healing.

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8. Digital Sherpa is offering to donate a nickel for each tweet--up to 5,000 shares--for each tweet of this post.

9. ArcLight Cinemas and Pacific Theaters have placed donation boxes at their Los Angeles locations to collect aid for the victims and their families.

10. Individual victims funds: - John Blunk, at any Wells Fargo location. - Petra and Kim Anderson. - Farrah Soudani - Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6 years old - Caleb Medley

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