Buzzfeed's capable response to McSweeney's parody

One of Buzzfeed's 12 Cats That Just Want To Be Left Alone. (Image via Buzzfeed)
One of Buzzfeed's "12 Cats That Just Want To Be Left Alone." (Image via Buzzfeed)

Powerhouse meme aggregator and collector of adorable cat pictures specializes in publishing lists of things you never knew you wanted. (The 17 Most Bizarre Kate Middleton Photoshops, for example.)

McSweeney's, the online branch of Dave Eggers' publishing house, parodied Buzzfeed's penchant for lists in a post by Jory John called "Suggested Buzzfeed Articles."


Included on John's list of possible lists is "18 Photos Of Alec Baldwin Near a Tractor," "25 Numbers Bigger Than '2,'" "41 Close-Ups Of Severely Rotting Teeth" and "32 Cups of Rice Milk That Were Mistaken for Soy Milk."

Buzzfeed responded by by doing what they do best, turning 13 of McSweeney's suggestions into actual articles. Thanks to John, the world now has "18 Frightened Tweets About Approaching Peacocks," "50 Photos of Bill Clinton's Forehead," "Elvis Presley's 42 Sweatiest Moments," and most improbably, "10 Peaches That Resemble Pat Sajak."

"McSweeneys was kind enough to suggest some articles for us," Buzzfeed wrote.

"And here, we make those suggestions a reality! If you’ve got a suggestion for an article we should do, send it to, and we’ll do our best to make it happen!

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