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McDonald's BTS meals in Indonesia lead to surge in orders

By Elizabeth Shim   |   June 10, 2021 at 11:18 AM
BTS fans in Indonesia are organizing online to help delivery workers after McDonald’s restaurants in Indonesia were inundated with orders Wednesday. File Photo by Corey Sipkin/UPI

June 10 (UPI) -- McDonald's restaurants in Indonesia were flooded with orders for the new BTS meal that became available in the country Wednesday, with some restaurants ordered to close because of COVID-19 restrictions.

CNN Indonesia reported the McDonald's meal, launched in collaboration with the South Korean pop group, led to crowds of people flocking to the fast-food chain at various locations.

Delivery workers on motorcycles could be seen lined around city blocks after taking orders, including in the capital of Jakarta, the report said.

The BTS meal, which consists of chicken nuggets, fries, soda and two dipping sauces, was launched in 50 countries.

Indonesia has reported one of the highest numbers of coronavirus cases in Southeast Asia, and local authorities have warned against crowding. Jakarta City Hall said police officers have been stationed at McDonald's locations to enforce social distancing, according to South Korean television network JTBC Thursday.

Indonesia's BTS fans are taking to social media platforms to help delivery drivers coping with the surge in orders.

The Jakarta Posta and Asia News Network reported the Indonesian BTS "Army" has kicked off a fundraising campaign to provide meals for drivers taking orders through online mobile apps.

An initial fundraising target of 107 million Indonesian rupiah, or about $7,500, has been surpassed, the report said.

BTS fans in Indonesia also urged their fandom to "not be mad" if their McDonald's delivery does not arrive on time and tip drivers generously.

The BTS meal debuted in the United States May 26 and in South Korea May 27, according to Business Korea.

In other countries, including China and Japan, the meal is not available. Chinese netizens condemned the boy band after BTS thanked U.S. veterans of the 1950-53 Korean War for their sacrifices.