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North Korea preparing for major military parade

By Wooyoung Lee   |   Aug. 22, 2018 at 6:17 AM
A photo released by the North Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the state news agency of North Korea, shows the Hwasong-12 ballistic missile during the military parade celebrating the 70th founding anniversary of the Korean People's Army at Kim Il Sung Square in Pyongyang, North Korea, on Feb. 8. KCNA/EPA

SEOUL, Aug. 22 (UPI) -- North Korea appears to be planning for one of the biggest military parades to celebrate its foundation day anniversary next month, a U.S. think tank said, based on satellite images.

North Korea has been preparing for the parade since July and the event is expected to be one of the largest, given the scale of its preparation, according to a 38 North analysis of satellite photos on Wednesday.

The group, closely following North Korean affairs, found some 500 trucks used to transport troops are parked outside a parade training facility in Pyongyang and spotted troops in parade formation in satellite images dated Aug. 12.

"North Korea's upcoming Foundation Day Parade (reportedly to be held on September 9) will probably, at least match but likely surpass the size of the parade held this past February to mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of Korean People's Army," 38 North said.

It also found that shelters for troops are larger than the ones used in the preparation for the parade to mark the 70th anniversary of the North Korean Army in February. Tanks and artillery weapons have been also set up in front of the shelters, the photos showed.

Chinese President Xi Jinping is invited to attend celebrations for the 70th anniversary of North Korea's founding next month, the Singapore-based Straits Times reported.

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