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June 23, 2010 at 5:00 PM
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British police seek hoax call rapper

MANCHESTER, England, June 23 (UPI) -- Police in Manchester, England, said they are seeking a hoax caller who has dialed emergency services more than 3,000 times to sing rap songs to dispatchers.

The Greater Manchester Police said the caller, who sings rap songs, prays and preaches during the calls, has been dialing the 999 emergency number up to 10 times a day since January 2009, The Independent reported Wednesday.

Officials said the caller has wasted an estimated $1,500 in resources per month since the calls began in addition to wasting the time of operators who could be taking real emergency calls.

The officials said they have tried blocking the man's mobile phone sim card at least 60 times, but he keeps buying new unregistered phones.

Poll: One in 20 fear sex heart attacks

LONDON, June 23 (UPI) -- A British survey suggests one in 20 people worry about having a heart attack during enthusiastic sex.

Kwai garlic said its survey of 1,752 people suggests 31 percent of Britons have cut a lovemaking session short because they were too tired to continue and 26 percent feel completely exhausted after sex.

The company said 43 percent of respondents above the age of 45 said they are having sex less often than at previous points in their lives.

The poll also indicated one in 20 people are cautious about their lovemaking because they fear triggering a fatal heart attack.

"The results of the survey highlight that maintaining a healthy lifestyle together with taking care of your heart, could help keep your sex life on track. By doing so the 31 percent cutting a session short due to exhaustion, may have more energy to carry on," said Iain Laing, a spokesman for Kwai garlic.

The survey's methodology and margin of error was not given.

Police: Men shot each other to test pain

HORSHAM, Australia, June 23 (UPI) -- Police in Australia said two men dubbed "dumb and dumber" by investigators shot each other with an air rifle to see whether it would hurt.

Horsham police said the two 34-year-old men decided to have a "bit of fun" after drinking beer Sunday and decided to shoot each other with the air rifle to see whether the shots "would penetrate their skin or it would hurt," The Australian reported Wednesday.

Police said the two men shot each other at about 5:30 p.m. and apparently believed they had escaped injury until two days later when they were hospitalized with pain and had pellets surgically removed from their legs and buttocks.

Investigators said they revoked a firearms license held by one of the men and took away his guns. They said the investigation is ongoing.

Plus-sized casket business thriving

LYNN, Ind., June 23 (UPI) -- An Indiana coffin maker specializing in plus-sized orders said business is booming amid the recession because of the obesity epidemic.

Goliath Casket of Lynn, Ind., said the obesity epidemic has been keeping business strong, with the largest casket made by the company a 7-foot-by-7-foot coffin for a man in Alaska, Weight World reported Wednesday.

The company said it was set up in response to the few options available for plus-sized coffins 25 years ago and regularly produces coffins measuring 4 feet by 4 feet.

Weight World said recent statistics indicate 28 percent of the U.S. population was obese in 2009, showing no change from 2008 despite a 3 percent increase in exercise.

Boy, 4, does 1,500 pushups in 40 minutes

RAJKOT, India, June 23 (UPI) -- A 4-year-old Indian boy set a national record by completing 1,500 pushups in 40 minutes.

Ruchi Vitha of Rajkot said her son, Ronak Vitha, enjoyed performing pushups from a very young age, Asian News International reported Wednesday.

"When he was two years old, we used to practice yoga at home, stretching exercises and he used to perform yoga on his own, something that was very difficult for us to do. That's when we realized that his body is flexible," Vitha said.

"Then we made him do one or two pushups and the next day he did ten on his own," she said.

Vitha said she and her husband hired trainer Satyajit Chaurasia, who helped actor Aamir Khan prepare for his role in the film "Ghajini," to help prepare their son for the record attempt.

"I want to become a tennis player and also have a body like Aamir Khan's in the film Ghajini," Ronak Vitha said.

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