Out-of-this-world images from space(49 images)

Astronauts from the United States and the European Space Agency, along with engineers and scientists on the ground around the world, are capturing some amazing images from outer space. Many were released in celebration of the Hubble Telescope's 30th anniversary. Here are some of the recent highlights.

This NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope image features a spiral galaxy known as NGC 4689. It is known as an "anemic galaxy," a galaxy that contains only quite small quantities of the raw materials needed to produce stars. This image was featured as ESA's Picture of the Week during the week of February 21. Image courtesy of ESA

Northrop Grumman's Cygnus cargo craft is pictured on February 18 attached to the International Space Station's Unity module shortly after being captured with the Canadarm2 robotic arm, where it will stay for three months. Photo courtesy of NASA

The ISS flies in front of the moon in February as seen from Madrid. The photographer attached a camera to a telescope and while recording at 25 frames per second captured the 690-millisecond transit on video and composed this image of 17 stacked frames. Photo courtesy of Javier Manteca/ESA

The Mississippi River runs past Lake Pontchartrain, through the city of New Orleans, La., and into the Gulf of Mexico beaming from the sun's glint on February 7. Photo courtesy of NASA