Hyundai Mobis develops swivel display for dashboards

By Jo Sung-a & Kim Tae-gyu, UPI News Korea
Hyundai Mobis develops swivel display for dashboards
This swivel display was developed by Hyundai Mobis. It is designed to be adopted by autonomous vehicles. Photo courtesy of Hyundai Mobis

SEOUL, May 26 (UPI) -- South Korea's auto part maker Hyundai Mobis announced it has developed an adjustable display technology for the automotive cockpit system.

The Seoul-based company said Monday the new technology could be referred to as a swivel display because the screen was designed to move up and down.


Equipped with 6K OLED panels, the movable curved screen measures 34 inches, which the company claims is the largest among automotive displays available.

"Stretching from the driver seat to the passenger seat, the swivel display can show various content, including driving information and entertainment stuff," a Hyundai Mobis official told UPI News Korea.

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"Despite its large size, the swivel display features just a single screen, which means that drivers can watch a video on a full screen when the vehicle is on the autonomous mode," he said.

The official said the company is ready to commercially roll out the screens and would start meeting potential customers later this year.

It does have a safety shutoff.

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"When a motorist is driving the car, the screen will go down to give just driving data. That is for the safety of people," he said.


Observers point out that the swivel display technology is significant as the world rushes toward autonomous driving.

"When the driverless vehicles run on the road, the entertainment experience would be very important for people on the cars. Then, the main user interface is the car display," Daelim University automotive Professor Kim Pil-soo said in a phone interview.

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"Then, the display should be designed to be more flexible, and a rising number of companies would work on such technology. Looking forward, not only automakers but also firms from other industries would tap into the area as shown by Sony," he said.

Japan's entertainment giant Sony showed off a working electric concept car dubbed Sony Vision-S during the 2020 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

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