Russia captures British man fighting for Ukraine

April 15 (UPI) -- Russian forces captured a British man fighting for Ukraine in the war-battered seaport of Mariupol, and his family Friday called for him to be treated with "with humanity."

Pamela Hall, the grandmother of Aiden Aslin, 28, said she recognized her grandson from tattoos when Russian television showed him in custody. Family members said Aslin was living in Ukraine and engaged to a woman from the country when fighting started.


Aslin informed his family that he and others from the Ukrainian marines in Mariupol had run out of ammunition and faced "no choice but to surrender."

"He was due to get married this month, and they were talking about setting up a new home together, children -- great-grandchildren in my case," Hall told The Guardian.

The family said Aslin was shown with what looked like injuries to his face and in handcuffs.

"What have the Russians done to him? He looks awful, absolutely exhausted," his brother Nathan Wood said, according to Evening Standard. "His face is drained of color. How has he got such a big red mark on his forehead? That looks like he's been hit with a rifle butt."


Ang Wood, Aslin's mother, said her son had previously fought with Kurdish units in Syria against the Islamic State. She said the British government should get more involved in the conflict.

"Boris [Johnson] needs to take [Russian President Vladimir] Putin down," she said, according to the BBC.

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