At least 13 dead in India after falling into well at wedding celebration

Feb. 17 (UPI) -- More than a dozen people were killed at a wedding in northern India when a slab of concrete buckled and sent them plummeting down a well, authorities said Thursday.

The guests were attending the marriage ceremony on Wednesday night in Uttar Pradesh state, the country's most populous state that's located in northern India.


The wedding party occurred in a village about 200 miles east of the Uttar Pradesh capital, Lucknow.

Authorities said that the partiers had been dancing on a concrete slab that covered the opening to the well when their combined weight caused the slab to collapse. At least 13 women and girls died of their injuries and several others were injured in the fall.

"This is an unfortunate incident during a wedding ceremony," a police official told CNN.

Wedding guests had gathered for a traditional "haldi" ceremony on Wednesday, during which relatives apply turmeric paste on the bride and groom before the wedding.

Prime Minister Neil Modi promised in a tweet that region officials will help the victims and their families in every possible way. He added that each family will be given about $2,600 in compensation and each injured person $665.


Authorities in Kushnigar district also said they'd compensate the families.

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