U.S. hospitalizations rise to 71,458 among COVID-19 Omicron surge

By Allen Cone
The Martin Luther King Hospital emergency entrance in southern Los Angeles County is a hub of activity on Wednesday, January 27. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI
The Martin Luther King Hospital emergency entrance in southern Los Angeles County is a hub of activity on Wednesday, January 27. File Photo by Jim Ruymen/UPI | License Photo

Dec. 25 (UPI) -- More than 71,000 people have been hospitalized with coronavirus in the United States amid surging cases from the Omicron variant that have set daily records in several states.

On Satuday, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported 71,458 were hospitalized with COVID-19, which represents 9.57% of the 755,948 available beds at 5,984 hospitals. The total in-patient beds in use: 74.41%.


During the peak from the Delta strain during the number, more than 100,000 were hospitalized with the disease. Some regions in the United States had no beds available.

One week ago, 69,174 were hospitalized. And on Dec. 1 it was 57,876.

On the Christmas holiday the CDC didn't report data and most states also didn't report information.

Data have shown that vaccines cut down on severe illness and death but the Omicron variant is more resistant to COIVD-19 than other strains.


"Although hospitalizations may be less, that doesn't mean zero," Dr. William Schaffner, a professor at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, told CNN on Friday. "There are many places in the country where hospitalizations now are increasing."

New York has the most hospitalizations at 5,505 at 11.82% of beds, followed by Ohio's 5,052 at 17.01%), Pennsylvania's 4,574 at 15.78%, Illinois' 4,265 at 14.17%, Texas' 4,083 at 6.21% and California's 4,054 at 6.4%.

New York reported a record 18,825 hospitalizations on April 12, 2020 early in the pandemic and several months before vaccines, according to the COVID Tracking Prokect.

On Friday, New York reported a record 44,431 cases for a total of 3,098,033. Until the recent spike, the record was 19,578 on Jan. 8.

California is the most populous state, followed by Texas and Florida, which has 2,261 hospitalized at 4.18%. On Nov. 29, it was 1,228.

Like many other states, cases have surged expotentially in Florisa, rising from 1,928 posted Dec. 13 to to a record 32,850 posted Saturday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

On Thursday, California reported 20,201 and leds the nation with a total of 4,990,016. Texas reported 12,476 Thursday and is second at 4,457,359.


Setting state records were Illinois at 18,942 Thursday, Pennslvania 13,286 Friday, Ohio 14,14 on Fridat, New Jersey 15,482 Thursday, Massachusetts 10,040 Friday.

In the United States, 291,671 cases Monday were reported to the CDC, which is the most since the record 294,015 Jan, 8. The most recent infections are 243,817 posted on Thursday. The CDC lists the total as 51,574,787. Johns Hopkins lists it 52,092,894 and at 53,026,765.

Cases have also been surging worldwide. On Saturday, France reported a record 104,611 cases. On Friday, marks were set in Britain at 122,186 and Italy 50,599 with those nations not reporting data Saturday.

Canada set a national record with 21,493 and then reported 11,306 Friday and 2,458 Saturday.

Worldwide, cases hit a record 982,822 Thursday. Through Saturday, the total is 279,807,961.

Like hospitalizations, deaths have not risen as significantly as during the Delta variants.

Worldwide, 5,859 deaths were reported Friday and 3,870 Saturday for a total of 5,412,985. The most in the past week was 7,907 Wednesday. The daily record is 17,450 Jan. 20.

Russia reported a world-high 981 deaths Saturday.

The CDC on Thursday reported 1,522 deaths and one daily earlier 2,170, the most since 2,230 Oct. 9 when Deltra was the dominant strain. The record is 4,048 on Jan. 13, even before the Delta became widespread.


On Friday with many states not reporting, Pennsylvania posted the most deaths with 90. Ohio reported 443 for three days.

California has the most deaths at 75,461, followed by Texas as 74,092 and Florida at 62,342 and New York ay 58,936.

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