COVID-19 deaths surging in Latin America as Mexico rises to 5th place

By Allen Cone
Commuters wear face shields and masks to prevent further spread of COVID-19 at a Metro station in Mexico City, Mexico, on Tuesday. The Metro Collective Transport System began distributing 1 million masks to commuters at different Metro stations. Photo by Jose Pazos/EPA-EFE
Commuters wear face shields and masks to prevent further spread of COVID-19 at a Metro station in Mexico City, Mexico, on Tuesday. The Metro Collective Transport System began distributing 1 million masks to commuters at different Metro stations. Photo by Jose Pazos/EPA-EFE

July 5 (UPI) -- Coronavirus is surging in Latin America with Brazil, Mexico and Peru among the nations with the 10 most deaths -- two months after no country from that region was on the list.

Brazil has climbed up the list to second place with 64,365 deaths, only behind the United States. Mexico moved into fifth late Saturday with 30,366, passing France. And Peru entered the top 10 for the first time last week and is 10th with 10,412.


These three countries account for 19.6 percent of the world total of 534,877 deaths so far Sunday. The United States leads with 132,382 -- about one-quarter of the world total, according to track by Cases also have been surging in those nations with Brazil second behind the United States with 1,578,376 -- more than half the total in U.S. and 13.8 percent of the 11,454,409 million. Roughly one-seventh of 1 percent of the world population tested positive.


Four European nations remain in the top 10 -- Britain at No. 3 with 44,240 deaths, Italy at No. 4 with 34,861, France at No. 6 with 29,893 and Spain at No. 7 with 28,385. At one time Italy was the epicenter of the world but only reported 7 deaths Sunday after a high of 917 in one day in March. And Britain only reported 22, also among the lowest since the pandemic and a fraction of the high of 1,172 in April.

The remaining two spots are Asian countries -- No. 8 India has risen to 19,568 after not being in the top 10 a few weeks ago and Iran is 10th with 11,571.

China, which was the original epicenter of the virus since January, has dropped to 21st with 4,634, and has not reported a death since April 26 as well as only 718 since then for a total of 83,553.

In Mexico, experts believe the death toll is significantly higher than the government's official review. Mexico's National Population Registry, according to a review of data, suggests more than 50,000 people have died from the disease in the nation.

Mexico's official death toll has risen nearly 10,000 from 20,781 in two weeks. The increase late Saturday was 523.


The United States has extended its border restrictions with Mexico and Canada until July 21. Although coronavirus has been surging in Mexico and the United States, it's stabilized in Canada with only 11 additional deaths for a total of 8,674 in 14th place.

Some Canadian provinces have "double bubbles" of households making a pact to hang out with -- and even hug -- each other, so long as they agree to stay distanced from everyone else.

Of the 174,267deaths in North America, all but around 4,000 are in the United States, Mexico and Canada.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador -- who took office last December -- is scheduled to visit U.S. President Trump in Washington on Wednesday in Washington, D.C.

Like Trump, Obrador refuses to face masks and has traveled to events in his country.

Brazil's president Jair Bolsonaro, who like Trump has emphasized the economy over restrictions, also disdains masks. He has appeared in public at several events without wearing a mask, including at rallies with supporters, including a U.S. Independence Day celebration Saturday in Brasilia.

On Friday, he vetoed a bill requiring the mandatory use of masks in private settings, including shops, churches and schools.


In two months, Brazil's deaths have surged from 6,410 -- about one-tenth the current total.

Saturday's increase in Brazil was 1,111, the most in the world, and a few hundred off record of 1,492 on June 4.

In adjacent Peru, coronavirus cases and deaths have been skyrocketing. On May 1, there were only 1,134 deaths compared with more than 9,000 deaths now. Saturday's increase was 186.

Despite the surge, a three-month lockdown ended in many portions of the country last week.

Chile, another country in South America has surged to 6,308 deaths, including an additional 116 ones Saturday and is in 15th place.

In all, 93,013 died on the continent.

Unlike Latin America, coronavirus deaths are a fraction of the peak in Europe. On Sunday, 249 deaths were reported, including 22 in Britain and 7 in Italy. Spain and France didn't report any data.

In all, 193,678 deaths were in Europe on Sunday -- about 36 percent of the world total.

Britain, which had a record 1,172 deaths on April 21, has been easing restrictions.

On Saturday, pubs, restaurants, hairdressers, cinemas and theme parks reopened with strict social distancing rules after being closed for 15 weeks. In addition, overnight stays are also allowed for the first time since lockdown started, including campsites.


"I felt a bit anxious coming in for the first time today. I think it will be fine, the landlord is very good -- he doesn't stand for any nonsense," Frank Green, who said he was looking forward to "the banter with everyone" at his local, The Shropshire Arms in Chester, told the BBC.

The European Union still is banning travelers from several countries, including the United States.

Russia is third in the world in cases with 681,251, including 6,736 reported Sunday. The nation is 11th in deaths with 10,161, a rise of 134 in one day.

Deaths and cases are also surging in India. With 289 new deaths Sunday, the Asian nation has climbed to 19,568 compared with 13,703 two weeks ago. On Saturday, India reported a record 13,856 cases but the figure dropped to 13,856 the next day for a total of 687,760, third in the world.

Iran gained an additional 163 deaths in 10th place.

Overall in Asia, a total of 62,162 have died

Mainland China has virtually eradicated the problem, reporting only 3 deaths Sunday.

South Korea also has largely contained the outbreak. The last time the nation reported more than one death, was on June 10 when it reported two. In all, there have been 283 deaths. The increased cases were 61 for a total of 13,091 with massive testing.


Japan also has had few deaths -- 977 -- including 85 deaths since June 1. But the nation has been having a spurt in cases, including 214 Sunday. That's the highest since 224 on May 7.

The nation has conducted intensive testing has been carried out in parts of Tokyo following the recent rise in new cases, including in Shinjuku Ward's nightlife districts.

Gov. Yuriko Koike said infections among young people are raising overall cases.

"I want Tokyo citizens to refrain from making any nonessential trips to other prefectures," Koike told reporters.

In Oceania, there have been 104 deaths in Australia and 22 in New Zealand. Australia's last reported deaths were one each on June 24 and June 25.

A coronavirus outbreak reportedly occurred in the state of Victoria when some contracted workers were not following protocols at a hotel used to quarantine international arrivals. That included sex with people under lockdown. Anyone who arrives in Australia must undertake a 14-day mandatory quarantine at government-run places.

Deaths have been spiking in Africa, going from 5,215 four weeks ago to 11,380, including 263 Sunday. Egypt has reported 3,343 deaths compared with 2,789 one week ago and South Africa was at 3,199 compared with 2,413 seven days ago.


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