Online game to use blockchain to stymie hacking

By Im Min-cheol, UPI News Korea

SEOUL, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- Two South Korean companies are partnering to apply blockchain technology to an online game to more efficiently block hackers.

Bloom Technology said Friday that the tech startup has teamed up with game studio Bluside to bring blockchain to the new Kingdom Under Fire 2 game.


The two companies plan to cooperate in such areas as security and payment system so that the strategic role-playing game will start to employ blockchain later this year.

Bloom Technology said online games are vulnerable to various risks, including distributed denial-of-service attacks, the malicious attempt to disrupt traffic of a server.

Blockchain can be an answer for game publishers to prevent such attacks, but proper public blockchain technology had not been available to them.

"Unlike previous blockchain solutions, our technology does not negatively affect game services in terms of computing power and hard-disk capacity," Bloom Technology CEO Lee Sang-youn said in a statement.

"Through collaboration with Bluside, we will find a new business model down the road."

Bloom has developed a new technology called Locus Chain, which the firm claims will speed up transactions on the blockchain to solve a decade-long problem.


A public test late last year showed transactions processing in a fraction of a second.

The Kingdom Under Fire video games series was first published in the early 2000s. Its sequel, Kingdom Under Fire 2, was released last year.

While working for Bluside, Bloom CEO Lee once headed the development of the game.

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