Climate activists spray fake blood on British treasury over fossil fuel funding

By Nicholas Sakelaris

Oct. 3 (UPI) -- Environmental protesters who are part of the Extinction Rebellion used a fire engine to spray phony blood on the British Treasury building in London Thursday, to demonstrate opposition to funding fossil fuels.

The group live-streamed the protest on Facebook with a banner on the truck that read, "Stop funding climate death." Four people were arrested.


Extinction Rebellion activists said the fire truck was out of commission and the pseudo blood was just water with food dye.

The stunt, however, didn't go as planned. Activists quickly lost control of the powerful hose, spraying it wildly on the street.

Extinction Rebellion said the protest is meant to highlight "inconsistency" with the British government's assertion that it's a world leader in fighting climate change, while the group says it continues to invest in fossil fuel exploration and "carbon-intensive projects."

London Mayor Sadiq Khan said on British radio he sympathizes with the protesters and agreed the world is facing a climate emergency.

Sadiq said police resources to deal with public disorder were strained and anyone who wants to protest "must do it lawfully and peacefully."


Extinction Rebellion is planning protests in 60 cities around the world, including a major London event that aims to block 12 areas around Westminster.

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