Iran's president: Nation 'will not wait for approval' to develop weapons

By Sara Shayanian
Iran's president: Nation 'will not wait for approval' to develop weapons
Iranian President Hassan Rouhani (C) speaks during a ceremony marking the annual National Army Day in Tehran, Iran, on Wednesday. Photo by Abedin Taherkenareh/EPA-EFE

April 18 (UPI) -- As Iran celebrated its National Army Day on Wednesday, President Hassan Rouhani warned his country would not wait for permission to produce the weapons it needs.

Forces from various divisions of Iran's military attended a large-scale military parade near the mausoleum of the late founder of the Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, in southern Tehran.


"In such a region where big powers have used terrorist groups as tools to promote insecurity, our country needs a strong deterrent armed force that stands against the major powers' conspiracies and prevents terrorists from setting sight on the territory with greed," Rouhani said at the event.

"If there is any weapon we need, we will develop it for the most part, or procure it if necessary," Rouhani said, adding Iran "will not wait for approval from the world."

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The Iranian Armed Forces displayed their latest defense technology, including Iran's latest domestically manufactured missile system called Kamin-2.

Other missile systems including the S-300, S-200, Tabas and Sayyad, as well as radar systems, tanks, armored vehicles and sniper rifles, were also on display.

Rouhani went on to warn Western powers against bringing weapons into the Middle East.

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"I am calling on them to stop filling up our region with various weapons for the sake of their own interests," the president said.

"Your weapons could neither bring independence for regional countries nor frighten great nations like Iran."

The Iranian leader assured regional states that Iran will enforce a policy based on "good neighborliness" towards them.

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"We want friendly ties with neighboring countries and want them to know that our weapons, missiles and tanks will not be used against any of them," Rouhani said.

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