North Korea discloses diagrams of new missiles Pukguksong-3, Hwasong-13

By Elizabeth Shim Contact the Author   |  Aug. 23, 2017 at 1:19 PM
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Aug. 23 (UPI) -- North Korea may be dropping hints about future missiles through its latest photographs of Kim Jong Un published in state media.

Pyongyang's Workers' Party newspaper Rodong Sinmun ran an image of the North Korean leader on Wednesday, showing Kim in a room that included what appeared to be missile parts, and a poster that read, "Pukguksong-3," a yet untested projectile.

North Korea launched the Pukguksong-2 on Feb. 12, and displayed a new missile during its April 15 military parade that experts have surmised may be the Pukguksong-3, an upgraded version of the projectile tested in February.

The 10 photographs of Kim during his visit to North Korea's Chemical Material Institute of the Academy of Defense Science were accompanied by a report from KCNA that stated Kim had ordered the production of more rocket engines and warheads.

North Korea's Pukguksong missile uses a solid-fuel engine. Tests of the rockets began on Aug. 24, 2016, when Pyongyang successfully launched the Pukguksong-1.

The Pukguksong-3 is most likely an upgraded, solid fuel-based intercontinental ballistic missile, or SLBM, according to South Korean news service News 1.

North Korea is publicizing the conceptual diagram for the Pukguksong-3 for the first time through the photographs.

Kim Dong-yup, a missile expert and professor at Kyungnam University's Far East Institute, said the missile appears to show substantial improvements over the Pukguksong-1.

The same photograph of Kim Jong Un at the Chemical Material Institute shows a diagram for a missile that is likely the "Hwasong-13."

North Korea's Hwasong missiles are liquid fuel-based ballistic projectiles.

The Hwasong-13 is likely to cover distances that lie somewhere between the Hwasong-12 and the Hwasong-14, Kim Dong-yup said.

North Korea is publishing the photographs of Kim Jong Un with weapons during a week of joint drills between the United States and South Korea.

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