French sniper mistakenly shoots two at Hollande speech

By Doug G. Ware

Feb. 28 (UPI) -- Two people were injured in western France Tuesday when a military police sharpshooter guarding French President Francois Hollande accidentally fired off a round.

The president was giving a speech to commemorate a new stretch of a high-speed railway in the town of Villognon when the incident occurred.


Hollande was speaking when he was interrupted by the gunfire, which can be heard on video of the speech.

The bullet wounded two people -- a waiter at a nearby hotel and a railway maintenance worker. Neither injury was life-threatening.

The misfire didn't cause a panic and Hollande paused only briefly as a result of the gunshot.

"I hope it's nothing serious. I think not," he said, asking whether anyone had been hurt.

Officials said the gun went off when the sniper was changing position. An investigation into the shooting was underway.


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