Video purports to show Islamic State fighters attacking from U.S.-made Humvee

Amy R. Connolly

MOSUL, Iraq, April 29 (UPI) -- Helmet-camera footage released by Kurdish Peshmerga this week purports to show Islamic State fighters in a gun battle to the death in northern Iraq.

The sometimes shaky video, shows a driver and three passengers in what appears to be a modified U.S. Humvee, The Washington Post reported.


Peshmerga Lt. Col. Yasir Abdulla said the camera footage was found on the dead fighter the morning after the fighting, in late 2015, International Business Times reported. Vice News said the attack took place about 30 miles north of Mosul, an area held by the militant group. Vice News translated the video to English and added commentary contrasting the video with slick, highly produced propaganda videos the Islamic State normally releases on social media channels.

The video opens with a fighter who goes by Abu Radhwan, who is wearing the helmet cam, saying goodbye to a man believed to be a suicide bomber. Radhwan and others board the Humvee and head into desert landscape. The video shows the vehicle littered with items that include weapons, headphones and what appears to be baby wipes. During the attack, the men frantically reach for rockets, assault rifles and grenades to take aim at Peshmerga vehicles.


Other fighters in the Humvee, Abu Hajaar and Abu Abdullah, shout in Arabic and fire weapons until they are overcome by Peshmerga fire and ditch the vehicle. The end frames of the video indicate Radhwan turned his head toward the armored vehicle in his final moments.

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