Islamic State crucifies teen in Syria

By Shawn Price

ALEPPO, Syria, Feb. 8 (UPI) -- Islamic State militants crucified a teenage boy and left the body on display in Raqqa in one of the terror organization's latest public executions.

The 17-year-old was accused of accepting money for filming Islamic State training sites and a placard in Arabic was hung around his neck telling people of his alleged crime.


Images of the bloody and battered teen's body tied to a cross in the central square of the Islamic State's declared capital went viral after leaders accused him of receiving 500 Turkish lira per photograph of the Islamic State's military base in Raqqa.

The IS has repeatedly used crucifixion as punishment for those who have worked against it or violated Sharia law.

People under IS rule have tried to document the group's violent methods in Raqqa.

The group crucified nine men in Aleppo last June, and routinely kill even fellow jihadists, if the group's leaders think certain people are not devoted enough.

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