North Korea flies drone into South Korea side of DMZ

The drone was intercepted after North Korea sent flyers across the border that included denigrating images of President Park Geun-hye.
By Elizabeth Shim  |  Jan. 13, 2016 at 9:41 AM
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SEOUL, Jan. 13 (UPI) -- North Korea flew a drone across the demilitarized zone Wednesday, prompting South Korean soldiers to fire warning shots at the intruding aircraft.

Seoul's troops at the border identified the unmanned aerial vehicle near a front-line observatory, the BBC reported. According to South Korea military, the drone turned back after the warning shots were fired.

Seoul said the drone was likely launched to map out South Korean troop positions.

North Korean drones trespassed into the South's side of the DMZ several times during the high-level inter-Korea talks in August.

Pyongyang also has been launching a propaganda war against Seoul, in response to the resumption of the South's loudspeaker broadcasts.

South Korean outlet News 1 reported North Korea sent flyers across the border that included denigrating images of President Park Geun-hye.

South Korea army and police officials said 8,000 flyers in total were sent across the border, with many depicting a skull superimposed over Park's face.

The flyers warned Seoul "careless barking would lead to merciless killing," adding, "Let us slay the mad villainess in the presidential Blue House for her attacks on a unitary people."

North Korea also warned of a "Second Korean War" if tensions do not subside, South Korean newspaper Segye Ilbo reported.

Pyongyang accused Seoul's military of warmongering, referring to Defense Minister Han Min-koo's visit to the Northern Limit Line off the western coast of the peninsula.

During her annual press conference Wednesday, Park said future responses to the North "must differ from the past," adding China's support is critical.

"I am certain that China is very well aware if such a strong will isn't followed by necessary steps, we will not be able to stop the North's fifth and sixth nuclear tests, and we cannot guarantee true peace and stability on the Korean peninsula," Park said.

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