10-month-old Turkish baby rescued after floating out to sea

Danielle Haynes

KüçüKKUYU, Turkey, July 4 (UPI) -- The Turkish coast guard rescued a 10-month-old baby who had drifted more than half a mile into the sea in an inflatable crib.

The baby, Melda Ilgin, floated off the coast of Küçükkuyu into the Aegean Sea after her parents placed her in the small inflatable device.


While her parents were looking away, a strong wind pulled the girl out to sea. Other people at the beach alerted Melda's family and several attempts were made by people on the shore to retrieve the girl.

When they were unsuccessful, the Turkish coast guard was called. Once a boat reached her, divers jumped into sea to rescue Melda.

The child was reunited with her parents to a round of applause for the coast guard crew.

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