Norway to become the first country to kill FM radio

By Thor Benson

OSLO, Norway, April 19 (UPI) -- Norway's Ministry of Culture has confirmed that FM radio will no longer be available in Norway starting in 2017.

"This is an important day for everyone who loves radio," said Gjermund Eriksen, head of the broadcasting station NRK, according to "The minister`s decision allows us to concentrate our resources even more upon what is most important, namely to create high-quality and diverse radio content to our listeners."


The country is planning to switch to Digital Audio Broadcasting (DAB), which is a radio format used in Europe and Asia that is said to be a higher quality than FM. DAB offers 22 stations, while FM offers only five in the country. DAB could even handle 20 more in the future.

"Listeners will have access to more diverse and pluralistic radio content and enjoy better sound quality and new functionality," Minister of Culture Thorhild Widvey said in a statement. "Digitization will also greatly improve the emergency preparedness system, facilitate increased competition and offer new opportunities for innovation and development."

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