Boko Haram attacks Chad for first time

The insurgents crossed Lake Chad to attack the village of Ngouboua.

Ed Adamczyk
An armored car of the Chadian army. CC/ Voice of America/ Idriss Fall
An armored car of the Chadian army. CC/ Voice of America/ Idriss Fall

N'DJAMENA , Chad, Feb. 13 (UPI) -- Boko Haram militants attacked a village in Chad on Friday and killed at least five after crossing a lake from Nigeria, their first such raid on Chadian soil.

The insurgents, whose announced goal is a Muslim caliphate in West Africa, traveled across Lake Chad, which divides Nigeria from Chad, and attacked the village of Ngouboua, setting homes afire and killing at least four civilians and one soldier, Col. Azem Bermandoua Agouna of the Chadian army told the BBC. Residents put the death toll closer to 30.The Chadian army, regarded as the region's best, repelled the attack, killing two and injuring five, and destroying the attacker's landing craft, described as four motorboats or canoes.


Chad's air force also carried out airstrikes against the invaders, officials said.

Chad, Nigeria, Niger and Cameroon formed a military alliance in January to defeat Boko Haram, which has largely confined itself to Nigeria. Thousands in northeastern Nigeria have been killed, and millions have become refugees, since Boko Haram began its military campaigns in 2009.

The site of the attack Friday is a transit camp for Nigerian refugees, who will be transferred to a safer town, Baga Sola, which is further inland.

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