Zombies hit Ukraine broadcasting agency

Unusual protesters want Russia out of their nation's media programming.

By Mary Papenfuss

KIEV, Ukraine, Dec. 4 (UPI) -- Ukraine's government broadcasting agency had a problem on its hands Wednesday: Zombies. There were dozens of them outside to protest an increasingly "zombified" public willing to put up with more Russian programming on the walking-dead network of Ukrainian TV.

The Kremlin is in the midst of a new press to spread the Russian word through "Sputnick," a global expansion of its state-run media operations.


Now the "zombies" are demanding Russian programs be jettisoned. They particularly object to Russian sitcoms that they say glorify the Russian military.

Organizers say they "deeply resent the domination of hostile Russian content" on Ukrainian television.

Ukraine's National Television and Radio Broadcasting Council responded to the protest by saying that it is working on new legislation to combat Russian propaganda. "It will have more authority to see such matters are dealt with easily and quickly," said representative Vladislav Sevryukov.

A video of the protest was uploaded to the Ukraine National News website.

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