Emergency repair underway at Ukraine nuclear power plant

The shutdown of the nuclear and thermal power plant facilities for unspecified emergency repairs triggered rolling blackouts throughout Ukraine.

By JC Finley
Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Station. Photo by Ralf1969/CC
Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Station. Photo by Ralf1969/CC

KIEV, Ukraine, Dec. 3 (UPI) -- Ukraine's national energy company reported a shutdown at the Zaporizhya Nuclear Power Station and 19 thermal power plant facilities on Tuesday to enable emergency repairs.

Ukrenergo did not say what those repairs were.


The shutdown, however, triggered rolling blackouts throughout Ukraine in an attempt to address electricity shortages.

Zaporizhya station is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Ukrenergo noted that chilly weather had played a role in increased electrical consumption. The enforced 2,800-megawatt rolling blackout, the company said, would relieve strain on the hydro-power plants and water reservoirs.

"The imbalance of the power supply is due to the emergency repair of the energy unit #3 in Zaporizhya nuclear power plant, as well as inadequate supplies of coal in the power plants' warehouses," the Energy Ministry said in a statement Tuesday.

"The situation is under control," the company asserted. The Zaporizhya nuclear power plant is expected to be back online Dec. 5.

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