China blocks CNN, BBC over reports on hacking group

The CNN and BBC have both been blocked in China over recent reports about a military-run hacking group believed responsible for a series of high-level hacks in the U.S.

By Gabrielle Levy

SHANGHAI, Sept. 18 (UPI) -- Authorities in China have blocked broadcasts from the BBC and CNN over reports of a military-run group of hackers inside a Shanghai compound.

The British corporation discovered its radio broadcasts were being blocked from inside China, with "jamming of shortwave transmissions... being time to cause maximum disruption to the BBC World Service English broadcasts in China."


China's sensors appear to be taking advantage of the several-second delay coming from foreign broadcasters to block stories on subjects the government does not approve. BBC journalists were also detained while shooting outside the compound, but were released after they handed over their footage.

Anderson Cooper was on air Monday night when the network feed's went offline.

"And we've just gone to black in China, so we're no longer being seen in China," Cooper told his audience.

Stories reported by CNN correspondent David McKenzie about the hacking group appeared to be the reason for the blackout, especially after McKenzie and a CNN crew were chased by security officers near the military building.

Uploads of the stories online were also taken down.


Chinese authorities have repeatedly denied involvement in a number of high-profile hackings of private and government entities in the U.S.

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