Doctors say Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has cancer

Doctors treating Toronto Mayor Rob Ford said he has rare form of cancer; will start chemotherapy in 48 hours.

By Heather Records

TORONTO, Sept. 17 (UPI) -- Doctors treating Toronto Mayor Rob Ford announced Wednesday the mayor has a rare form of cancer.

Dr. Zane Cohen of Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto told reporters the mayor has a malignant liposarcoma, a type of cancer starts in the fat cells, usually in the abdomen.


"These types of tumors are often slow-growing," Cohen said. "To get to the size that it is now, it's often several years."

Cohen called it a "very difficult tumor" and said Ford will start intense chemotherapy within 48 hours.

When asked how Ford is doing Cohen replied, "I think he's reacting like any patient would react. It's difficult."

It was just 6 days ago when Ford went into the hospital and doctors found abdominal tumors. He was having breakfast with his brother when the pain started.

He withdrew from the mayoral race last week, announcing his brother, Doug Ford, would run in his place.

Ford had been under intense scrutiny since the news broke in April that he would go to rehab for "substance abuse" problems.


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