Chinese McDonald's runs low on meat after scandal

The action comes after a supplier was found to have supplied expired meat to fast-food firms in China.

Ed Adamczyk

SHANGHAI, July 28 (UPI) -- McDonald's restaurants in China will offer limited menus after severing business ties with a firm accused of supplying tainted meat.

The full menus will not be restored until early August, and some McDonald's locations will require additional time, a company spokesperson said, adding McDonald's is attempting to arrange purchase of products from other suppliers.


The U.S.-based restaurant chain made the decision Friday in reaction to a July 20 television report that Shanghai Husi Food Co. Ltd., a Chinese firm owned by U.S.-based OSI Group, supplied expired meat to a number of fast-food restaurants across China, including McDonald's and KFC.

Yum Brands, KFC's parent company, also announced it would no longer purchase products from OSI Group's companies, adding its outrage over policies of Shanghai Husi.

OSI Group, headquartered in Illinois, said Monday it would investigate its China companies, and would organize a quality control center in Shanghai.

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