Boko Haram kidnaps wife of Cameroon's deputy prime minister

Gunmen from the Islamist militant organization Boko Haram are suspected of abducting a senior official's wife along with a tribal leader and his family in neighboring Cameroon on Sunday.

By JC Finley

YAOUNDE, Cameroon, July 28 (UPI) -- Boko Haram militants are believed to be responsible for the abduction of the wife of Cameroon's deputy prime minister.

On Sunday, gunmen attacked Deputy Prime Minister Ahmadou Ali's house in the village of Kolofata across the border from Nigeria and Borno State, a Boko Haram stronghold.


A resident of Kolofata, Idrissa Moussa, described the attack: "The sounds of gunfire woke the whole village and we later learned that the (deputy) prime minister's wife was taken by the abductors, who killed some policemen in the gunfight."

The militants also abducted a local chief, Seiny Boukar Lamine, along with his wife and children.

Boko Haram has increasingly attacked villages in neighboring Cameroon, raiding the villages and using them to launch attacks on Nigeria.

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