Norway warns of possible imminent terrorist attack by Syrian extremists

A terror attack against Norway may occur within the next few days, Norway's Police Security Service advised the public on Thursday. Citing credible information that a Syrian militant group may soon attack, Norwegian officials acknowledged little else is known about the planned attack.

JC Finley

OSLO, Norway, July 24 (UPI) -- Norway's Police Security Service (PST) announced Thursday that recent information indicates a terror attack against Norway may be imminent.

In an official statement regarding the threat, the PST wrote that informing the public about this specific threat "is the right thing to do."


"PST recently received information that individuals affiliated with an extreme Islamist group in Syria may have the intention of carrying out a terrorist action in Norway."

The credibility of the threat information has "strengthened," and the time frame suggests "a terrorist action against Norway is planned to be carried out shortly -- probably in a few days."

There was no further information, PST noted, regarding the identity of the terrorists, the method of the planned attack, or the target.

PST said it is coordinating with the Norwegian Intelligence Service, the Joint Counter Terrorism Centre, Ministry of Justice and Public Security and the Police Directorate "to do our utmost to determine whether the treat is real or not -- in order to prevent it."

Given the ambiguity of the threat while "at the same time credible," PST acknowledged "it is difficult to give advice to the citizens of this country on how to act in this situation."


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