Kenya Defense Forces' Twitter account hacked by Anonymous

The activist and hacker group known as Anonymous claimed responsibility for hacking multiple Kenyan government Twitter accounts on Monday.

By JC Finley

NAIROBI, Kenya, July 21 (UPI) -- The Government of Kenya was electronically pranked Monday by the activist group calling itself "Anonymous."

A post on Monday claimed that Anonymous had hacked the Twitter account of Kenya's Ministry of Defense.


Also on Monday, Twitter user @Anon_0x03 claimed responsibility for hacking the Twitter account of Major E K Chirchir, spokesman for Kenya Defense Force, and posted tweets poking fun at the military and president.

One tweet using the military spokesperson's account asks Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta to "give me the weed."

Using the KDF account, Anonymous posted tweets about a range of issues, including Kenyan financial priorities, animal poaching, tribalism, ivory trafficking, cartels, and corruption.

Commenting outside the politics of Kenya and coinciding with the Israeli ground operation into Gaza, Anonymous used the KDF account to "declare war on Israel for crimes against humanity."


Ten hours from the first hacked post, Anonymous acknowledged in a post under the KDF account: "We don't know how long we can get away with this."

Anonymous is an international network of activists and hackers often identified by the Guy Fawkes mask.

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