Viral video mocks Indian health minister's sex-ed policy

"The syllabus has changed. So please close your textbooks ... burn them. [The] government of India has decided that sex does not exist anymore," says the teacher in the parody video.
By Aileen Graef  |  July 16, 2014 at 4:30 PM
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NEW DELHI, July 16 (UPI) -- After India's new Health Minister Harsh Vardhan suggested banning sex education, East India Comedy made a viral video mocking the proposal.

Vardhan assumed the position of health minister in May, and has since developed a platform that would ban all sexual health and awareness education. In his document titled "Educational Vision for Delhi Schools," he calls for "so-called 'sex education' to be banned. Yoga to be made compulsory."

He also told the New York Times that promoting condom use to prevent HIV/AIDS should be stopped because it encourages illicit sex and harms the "integrity" of marriage.

"The thrust of the AIDS campaign should not only be on the use of condoms," he said in a telephone interview. "This sends the wrong message that you can have any kind of illicit sexual relationship, but as long as you're using a condom, it's fine."

India has the third largest population of people infected by HIV/AIDS, 2.1 million, with 85 percent of those cases resulting from unprotected sex.

East India Comedy decided to show the dangers of the lapse in sex education by making the parody video "Sex Education in India," which has reached almost 900,000 views. The video shows a teacher talking about everything but sex during his sex education class.

"Whatever happens whether it has to do with sex, whether it is to do with rape or homosexuality, there's always a stupid cover-up or an excuse with which 'Indian values' is always made a part of it and that's basically the point of the video that we are trying to get across," said video co-writer Azeem Banatwalla.

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