U.S. confirms suicide bomber in Syria was American man from Florida

U.S. officials have confirmed that a man al-Nusrah Front claimed was an American who partook in a suicide operation in Syria on May 25, was indeed an American citizen who had grown up in Florida.

By JC Finley

WASHINGTON, May 30 (UPI) -- U.S. officials confirmed to CNN late Thursday that an American man was among four suicide bombers who undertook an attack on May 25 in Syria.

The officials declined to identify the man whom al-Nusrah Front, an al-Qaida affiliate in Syria, called "Abu Hurrayra Al-Amriki."


U.S. authorities said the American bomber had grown up in Florida and was educated there. They are currently interviewing the man's family.

On Tuesday, al-Nusrah Front sharia official Abu Sulayman al-Muhajir posted photos to Twitter of the American jihadi, whom he said had "Performed a martyrdom operation in Idlib, Jabal Al-Arba'een," adding "May Allah accept him."

A video allegedly of the May 25 suicide attack was posted to YouTube. In the five minute video, the alias of the driver is reported as "Abu Hurayra al-Muhajir" -- aka "the Emigrant."

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