China will scrap 5 million cars in effort to combat pollution

China is one of the world's largest polluters with industrial and automobile emissions causing air pollution levels that are over 10 times the level considered safe by the World Health Organization.

By Aileen Graef

BEIJING, May 27 (UPI) -- China is going to remove 5.33 million cars from the roads this year in an effort to decrease the air pollution in cities that are often smothered in smog.

According to a government document, the cars in question, also known as yellow label cars, are set to be eliminated since they don't meet China's fuel and environmental standards. In Beijing, 330,000 vehicles are set to be destroyed and 660,000 will be removed in the neighboring Hebei province. There are no details as to how the government plans to identify and remove the vehicles in question but those losing their cars will receive subsidies amounting to about $400-2,300.


The plan to remove more than 5 million cars is part of a two year plan to cut emissions, a critical step for the country that is facing a growing ecological crisis and international pressure to reduce pollution. Chinese officials warn that removing and destroying the cars does not address every aspect of the issue.

"Many vehicles have problems and many didn't even meet the standards when they came out of the factory, and fining them on the streets isn't the way to solve this problem," said Li Kunsheng, director of the Vehicle Emissions Center of the Beijing Environmental Protection Bureau.


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