China, Russia to combine in naval drill in East China Sea

The actions are not aimed at any third party, it was announced.

Ed Adamczyk

BEIJING, May 13 (UPI) -- The Chinese and Russian navies will hold a joint drill in the northern East China Sea in late May, the Chinese navy announced Tuesday.

Spokesman Liang Yang specifically noted the drills, May 20 to 26, will not target any third party. China has recently been at odds with Japan and Vietnam over territorial rights to islands and waterways shared by the countries.


He added the drills, called "Joint Sea-2014," will involve 14 vessels, two submarines, aircraft, helicopters, and special forces from both sides. They will focus on actions that include the freeing of hijacked ships, defense and attack maneuvers, escorts, and search and rescue operations.

The event is designed to strengthen mutual trust and deepen cooperation between the countries' military forces.

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