Russia: 'We will respond' to additional U.S. sanctions

The Russian government condemned the White House decision on Monday to impose additional sanctions on Russian individuals and companies, insisting that such action is akin to "pouring oil on the flames" and will require Russia to respond, "and this will not be our choice."

By JC Finley
Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister for the Russian Federation. (UPI/Monika Graff)
Sergey Ryabkov, Deputy Foreign Minister for the Russian Federation. (UPI/Monika Graff) | License Photo

MOSCOW, April 28 (UPI) -- Russia described the new round of sanctions imposed by the U.S. on Monday as akin to "pouring oil on the flames."

The United States imposed additional sanctions Monday against Russia, this time targeting seven individuals, including two regarded as part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s inner circle of advisers, and 17 companies. The new sanctions were imposed in response to “Russia’s continued illegal intervention in Ukraine," the White House explained.


Russian deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov condemned the new sanctions.

"By making this decision, the United States was guided by absolutely distorted and unfounded perceptions regarding the events in Ukraine and around it. Washington is pouring oil on the flames but has done nothing, has not taken even one step to bring its proteges in Kiev to their senses. The new attempt at diktat and ultimatum undertaken by America against us will add no chance for a constructive resolution of the problems. ...

"... They will certainly not achieve the goals they are seeking. The situation will deteriorate. We will respond, and this will not be our choice. But we cannot leave this without reaction, practical reaction based on our own decisions."


The deputy foreign minister did not specify how Russia intends to respond to the new sanctions.

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