Two French teenagers charged with attempted murder of little brother

Two 13-year-old French girls have been charged with the attempted murder of the 6-year-old brother of one of the girls, whom they stabbed in the neck on March 28. The teenagers admitted to attempting to kill the boy and planning to kill other family members.
By JC Finley  |  April 9, 2014 at 2:44 PM
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PARIS, April 9 (UPI) -- Two French 13-year-old girls have been accused of attempting to the kill the brother of one girl and plotting to kill other family members.

On March 28, the two girls attacked the six-year-old boy at a house in Narbonne. They have been charged with attempted murder.

Narbonne prosecutor David Charmatz discussed the case with France Info radio.

"When the child was attacked, he called his parents saying that he was stabbed in the neck. The parents reacted by immediately calling a doctor to treat their child. But they did not initially realize the seriousness of the injury... It was only two days later that everyone realized how deep the wound was. The parents could not imagine that their own daughter and her friend had intended to kill the boy."

The girls, he said, admitted to planning to kill other family members and had discussed their plans with classmates. But they could not explain their motive, the prosecutor noted: "There is jealousy of the little brother, but it is far from sufficient to explain such an act."

Under French law, attempted murder charges can carry a life sentence. But given their young age and the fact that the little boy survived, the prosecutor said he is not pursuing a long-term prison sentence for the teenagers.


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