Ebola deaths in Guinea pass 100

Over 100 people in Guinea have thus far died from the outbreak of Ebola virus, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday.

By Ed Adamczyk

CONAKRY, Guinea, April 8 (UPI) -- Calling it “one of the most challenging Ebola outbreaks we have ever dealt with,” the World Health Organization announced Tuesday the death toll in the epidemic in Guinea has passed 100.

WHO added it could take four more months to contain the epidemic, noting 101 people in Guinea and 10 in neighboring Liberia have died.


“We fully expect to be engaged in this outbreaks for the next two to three to four months before we are comfortable we are through it,” said Keija Fukuda, the World Health Organization’s assistant director-general.

The Ebola virus is spread by close contact and kills up to 90 percent of its victims. The large geographical range of the reports of incidents, and the relatively porous borders between African nations, has helped spread the virus. There is no known cure or antivirus.

Thus far, 157 suspected cases among survivors have been reported, including 20 in Guinea’s capital, Conakry. 67 of those have been confirmed as Ebola.

Saudi Arabia suspended visas to Muslim pilgrims from Guinea and Liberia, a sign of growing international unease regarding the outbreak.


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