Russia intensifies espionage in Sweden, security service says

Sweden's Sapo intelligence service noted an increased involvement in Russian espionage in Sweden, including possible war plans.

Ed Adamczyk
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (UPI/Lior Mizrahi/Pool)
Russian President Vladimir Putin. (UPI/Lior Mizrahi/Pool) | License Photo

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, April 7 (UPI) -- Russia’s intensified espionage efforts in Sweden include preparations for war, the Swedish government security service Sapo warned Monday.

“The most serious threat we see right now are war preparations,” Sapo chief counter-intelligence analyst Wilhelm Unge said. “It’s no secret Russia is engaged in this. It’s a little bit worrying.”


He stressed, though, that alleged Russian preparations did not signify anything dramatic.

Unge said evidence included simulated flight attacks on Swedish targets, an increase in attempted recruitment of spies, increased signals intelligence and the purchase of a large number of maps. Of the simulated flight attacks, Unge said, “You don’t carry out these kinds of things unless you can actually conceive carrying out an attack in the future.”

The comments came as part of Sapo’s annual intelligence assessment, which noted 14 other countries, including China and Iran, having espionage interests in Sweden. Russia has, by far, the largest, Sapo said. Unge noted the increased spying by Russia was likely a result of Russia’s interest in Crimea and Ukraine, but gave no other details.

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